BrutalColi REAPER II (Room Guardian)

Mig33 Aplication Manual Kick for Room Guardian and Chaos 

Feature :
  • Login 15 x 2 paket ID
  • Save and load 15 spy and 15 Multy with Notification
  • BackUp login for faster manual kick
  • Login with Diferent ID
  • Change Password Multy and Spy
  • Enter Multy 1 or 2 or both(1+2)
  • Flood Room and Private 10 custom Flood
  • Multy can Chat one by one
  • Boom Call
  • Boom Mail
  • Boom Invite
  • Boom Like
  • Kick List and Combo Kick
  • Blacklist ID
  • Protect ID
  • Auto Left Multy and Spy
  • Auto Kick Multy
  • Auto Enter Multy
  • Auto Vote Multy and Spy
  • Auto Emotion
  • Auto Left GroupChat
  • Cek Balance Multy and Spy
  • Trans fer Account custom From Spy
  • Winamp Updateer in Status or Room
  • Set Status Spy(online, Ofline, Busy,Away)
  • Block User/Mute and Unblock
  • 100% Free and Safety / no send password (for social only)

* comment and bug fix to*

2 komentar:

  1. very nice software and if the developer upgrade such as brutal kick and brutal auto kick its makes more great software ever... thanks to Mx999 to shares this tool... keep up the good work... GOD bless always.

  2. keept the g8 hands of u...